Boyce Wins Key Endorsements


(Columbus, OH) — State Rep. Kevin L. Boyce, candidate for Franklin County Commissioner, was joined on Thursday with nearly forty current and former elected officials in his bid for the office of Franklin County Commissioner.  “I am extremely humbled by your support. Your presence demonstrates a commitment that will forever be cherished.  I want to thank all endorsing my candidacy and pledge my commitment to be a strong partner in expanding our county accomplishments,”  said Boyce.

Official endorsements include:

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty
Representative Heather Bishoff
Councilmember Elizabeth Brown
School Bd. Member Eric Brown
Commissioner Marilyn Brown
Honorable Yvette McGee Brown
School Bd. Member Kevin Butler
School Bd. Member Michael Cole
Mayor Michael Coleman
Representative Hearcel Craig
Representative Michael Curtin
Honorable Ben EspySchool Bd. Member W. Shawna Gibbs
Mayor Andrew Ginther
Councilmember Shannon Hardin
Honorable Marian Harris
School Bd. Member Mary Jo Hudson
Honorable Mary Jo Kilroy
Council President Zachary Klein
Treasurer Ed Leonard
Honorable Michael Mentel
Commissioner John O’Grady
County Clerk of Court Maryellen O’Shaughnessy
Councilmember Deneese Owen
Councilmember Jaiza Page
School Bd. Member Dominic Paretti
City Attorney Richard Pfeiffer
Honorable Larry Price
Honorable Fran Ryan
Councilmember Michael Schadek
School Bd. Member Sam Shim
Governor Ted Strickland
Municipal Clerk of Court Lori Tyack
Councilmember Priscilla Tyson

“I have worked with Kevin Boyce on City Council, and I am proud to publicly acknowledge my support for his candidacy to the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. He is a seasoned and extremely capable public servant, who has helped to improve the quality of life in Columbus during his time on City Council. I look forward to collaborating with him in joint city-county projects and initiatives, ” said Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther.

Former Mayor Michael B. Coleman said, “I am certain that Kevin will bring the same conscientious leadership to his new post as he did during his tenure as a Member of City Council and President Pro Tem.  In his remarks, Coleman stated, “I am enthused to offer my endorsement. Kevin Boyce is a proven collaborator with a demonstrated ability to bring people together to solve the tough problems. He is diligent in his service to his constituency, and proved to be an able steward of the budget as Chairman of the Public Finance Committee. He will bring these strengths, and more, to the office of Franklin County Commissioner.”

Commissioner Marilyn Brown offered her endorsement of Boyce’s candidacy to the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. “His vast experience in public service — in addition to his work with the non-profit organization KnowledgeWorks Ohio — will provide insight and perspective to the Board of Commissioners that will be of tremendous benefit. When Kevin Boyce wins this election, the people of Franklin County will win.” said Brown.


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